Spring 2013: 7′ x 3′; Graphite

This drawing  is meant to be directly experienced in person. This is my second attempt with anamorphosis, after the drawing of the little girl. The idea is that the true view will be revealed to a viewer when he or she actually lies down on the drawing itself. The viewer is intimate with the subject, lying next to her as she sleeps.

My process with this drawing was simplified significantly from the last. Instead of using the complicated live set-up with the DV camera, I took a photograph from the point of view of the participant, and, according to the laws of perspective, edited the photograph digitally to stretch over a 7-ft (in order to distort it and make it not immediately recognizable from the traditional front view). I then printed the image on normal printer copy paper, pasted the pieces together, and used this banner as a template for the drawing. I transferred the image to my roll 36” wide drawing paper using carbon paper, and then shaded by hand.

I would like to revisit this drawing and photograph it in a proper studio setup, but since it’s been cut and rolled, it’s in a rather fragile state. So, I like to think of it as more of an experiment for other ideas to come. If given the resources, I would print the anamorphic image on a bedsheet pulled taught and display the image that way. I would also like to carry the idea to other drawings where the anamorphic view serves purpose to the meaning of the work.

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