About Me

profilepicMy name is Farah Khan, and I am a student multimedia artist and animator currently attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

My life as a digital artist probably began when I was 12 years old and I was introduced to the Internet. As my forum friends and I anticipated a Kingdom Hearts II, we passed the time drawing fan art and creating graphic signatures in Photoshop. Back then, I wasn’t so confident in my drawing skills, but creating graphics eventually led me to web design.  I pursued this computer art interest by enrolling in my high school’s Multimedia program, which subsequently introduced me to film and Flash animation, among other media. My favorite project was creating a Flash game that taught students a list of Spanish vocabulary words and later tested them on their knowledge.

Although I enjoyed my Multimedia classes, I never seriously considered pursuing art as a career. Being an artist was a cultural taboo in my family and I was on track to study neurology at the University of Maryland, College Park. After an enlightening summer research experience and one unsatisfactory semester in that field, I changed my major to art, taking classes in drawing, sculpture, and digital art. After developing a stronger interest in animation and interactive art, I determined that UMBC had a curriculum that was better suited to my interests, so I transferred in Spring 2012.

Currently those interests lie in creating pieces that are engaging and interactive. I want to create art that isn’t purely temporary entertainment; I am a proponent of lifelong learning, so I feel that what I create should serve an educational and informative purpose or at least invite closer inspection and  open dialogue.

This result of creating something worth contemplating only comes from my artistic process. Often when I am given an assignment, I raise my criteria to a more ambitious standard. Then, when I set to work and factor in time constraints, I try different methods until something works. As a result, I produce work in a variety of media, because each piece is presented in the medium that I believe expresses my concept most accurately.

What I aim to do in the future is to make animations that have an interactive element to them, whether the input is more virtual, like buttons in a game, or whether it reacts to the physical environment.


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